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Estimating & Project
Management Software
for the Building Industry




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Contractor Estimating Software for Builders

With the right contractor estimating software, you can go back to focusing on the aspects of the job that you are most passionate about and skilled in — which is designing and building!

The Digital Canal team is comprised of fellow building professionals. We know that a huge chunk of your time — whether you’re a builder, architect, remodeler or someone of a similar profession — is spent creating estimates and proposals for your projects.

This is a necessary evil of the job — you can’t exactly skip it. But, with our contractor estimating software for builders, you can streamline this process and ensure accuracy at the same time. This enables you to automatically create airtight professional plans and professional proposals for your clients that will reinforce their trust and faith in you.

BidBuilder — innovative contractor estimating software for remodelers

If you want to win more jobs, you have to start submitting more bids. With Digital Canal and our contractor estimating software called BidBuilder, you can do exactly that. The following is a little bit of information about this cutting-edge and award winning technology.

  • First of all, it takes very little time to master this contractor estimating software for builders. In fact, on average it is only a two-hour learning curve before you start doing takeoffs and professional estimates with BidBuilder.
  • BidBuilder is pre-loaded with thousands of items and assemblies to make your job faster and easier! This makes the takeoff and estimating functions and processes quick and efficient and easily modifiable if the client wants to change anything. It also provides organized reports such as Change Orders so you make money with changes and by selling more profitable upgrades.
  • With the True Build technology backbone of BidBuilder you will know exactly where you made money, where you didn’t make money and bid versus actual results on your project. This means that you will quickly understand where to add margins and where you can beat the competition. The more you know the numbers the better off you will be. The BidBuilder estimating software helps you avoid costly mistakes during the process and provide tight bids with the profit you expected. You will win more bids!
  • The information you compile in BidBuilder can be seamlessly exported into a pre-loaded proposal template and it’s also compliant with QuickBooks. This lets you submit bid after bid. If you win one additional job, the software has already paid for itself a few times over.

BidBuilder’s accompanying Digital Takeoff software is another great award winning software tool that we provide. This allows users to run a takeoff quicker than ever before with a few clicks of the mouse. You can upload your project plans in a variety of file forms and start clicking the mouse to perform the takeoff, it is literally that simple.

This highly accurate and efficient software ensures that you avoid over – or under – ordering and delivering supplies while giving you freedom from mounds of paper and Excel spread sheets with outdated numbers, pricing and corrupted cells. Digital Canal’s Digital Takeoff and BidBuilder estimating software will provide you with a one project Return on the Investment, that is impressive.