Most Popular Features



QuickBooks Link
A powerful yet easy to use TWO WAY link with QuickBooks. Easily import the Chart of Accounts from QuickBooks. After the estimate is done in BidBuilder estimating software,export the estimate back to the ‘Estimate module’ in QuickBooks where you can finish the accounting tasks.

Report Writer
Unbelievably easy yet powerful Report Writer lets you design your own customized reports and save them for future use. Having this impressive management tool at your fingertips enables you to quickly and easily identify business areas for improvement, perform cost analysis, etc. This is a valuable management tool that is unavailable in many estimating software products.

Proposal Writer
Easily customize your proposals for a professional look. Proposal Writer is incredibly flexible, giving you the ability to quickly and easily incorporate boilerplate information and images alongside customized estimate information. Graphics such as our “Visual Assemblies” or pictures pulled right from the Internet may also be dragged and dropped into proposals. This helps you differentiate your proposal and company from competitors, be more professional and sell higher end Options at higher profits to you.

Pricing File Update
Easily update your database prices by importing pricing files from your suppliers. After importing the pricing file, BidBuilder automatically updates the applicable items in the database.

Video Help
Don’t understand something? No problem! Watch a Help Video – a picture and video is worth a thousand words of user guide documentation!

Estimate List
Save all your estimates directly inside BidBuilder. This allows access to all previous estimates at anytime. Never worry again where prior estimates (on your computer) are stored.

Now you can offer design ‘Options’ to your clients. For example, if your client is uncertain between two kitchen layouts, compute the material for each layout. With this feature, you can turn ‘on & off’ the two options. Maintain your margins regardless of which option the clients chooses! You may also drag and drop the Option right into your Proposal to help you sell.

This powerful features gives you a ‘parking lot’ where you can ‘park’ information from Digital Takeoff and use it for your estimate at anytime. You can also send ALL the Digital Takeoff information to BidBuilder with just ONE click!

Phases and Location
Gives you the ability to assign ‘groups’ to your items in your estimate. For example, you could takeoff exterior wall material and assign it to a Phase named ‘Exterior Wall’. Then at any point, view or print your estimate sorted by Phase and BidBuilder will group together all the materials with a similar Phase.

Enhanced Markups
BidBuilder construction estimating software now offers more markups as well as discounts. You can assign Sales Tax, Overhead, Profit, Miscellaneous, and Flat Dollar Amounts for markups.

Cost Charts
Cost charts give you an easy way to control Item Costs. For example, a 2×4 could be listed ten places in your database. If the cost of the 2×4 changes, without a Cost Chart you are forced to update all ten locations MANUALLY! With the Cost Chart, you simply update the price ONCE and BidBuilder will update all ten locations automatically!

With this powerful feature you can enter a minimum amount of takeoff information and BidBuilder calculates the rest. For example: instead of always figuring out the sq. footage of drywall needed, simply setup an equation and let BidBuilder calculate the area, based on the wall length and height.

Contact Database
All the information about your Clients, Subcontractors, and Suppliers is stored in one conventient location.

5 Item Costs
Enter up to FIVE costs per Item: Material, Labor, Subcontractor, Equipment, and Miscellaneous.

Additional Info
BidBuilder estimating software offers multiple locations to enter additional estimate information. This information can be printed on reports or simply stored for organizing purposes. Contact info, architect info, site info, item info, payment info, etc.


Item Substitution – Easily substitute items in your assemblies with other items in your database. This feature reduces the amount of time you invest setting up a database.

Export to Excel – Quickly and easily export your estimate to Excel. You can easily select which information to export as well as the order.

Import SolidBuilder Estimate – You can now import your estimate directly from SolidBuilder. Once in BidBuilder, you can further detail your estiamte or produce reports/proposals.

Architectural Calculator – This calculator gives you the ability to enter feet and inches for calculating measurements.

Merge Estimates – This powerful feature lets you join together two separate estimates.

Database/Estimate update features – This feature works in two ways. With two clicks, you can update your estimate with current prices in your database. You can also adjust a price in your estimate and with two clicks update your database with that cost.

Customize Database appearance – Customize the information visible in your database. Now you can control what information you want visible.

Database Backup – Easily make a copy of your database.

Check Menu – Easily modify/delete multiple items at once. Simply ‘check’ the desired items and modify them all in one easy step.

Item Details – Item Details gives you the ability to enter mountains of information such as Part #, Part Codes, Suppliers, Item Notes, etc.

Print Word and PDF files – Print your reports as Microsoft Word or Excel files. This is a great option when sending an estimate to a person who unfortunately doesn’t own BidBuilder!

Estimate Summary – Now you can view a realtime running total of your estiamte. The estimate summary updates everytime an item is added to the estimate.


Q. How long is the learning curve?
A. BidBuilder’s average learning curve is approximately 2 hours. BidBuilder contains a VIDEO Help menu along with Training Video’s which show you how to complete the task at hand. These Help and Training Videos are built right into the software for ease of access. We know you are busy, so we are always available to assist you directly toll-free at 1-800-449-5034 any time you need assistance as well.

Q. I use Excel, why should I upgrade to BidBuilder?
A. BidBuilder includes a Excel Spread Sheet Automated IMPORT into BidBuilder so rebuilding your database of Items, Assemblies, etc. is now automated.

BidBuilder offers many advantages that spreadsheets can’t compare to. To name a few, with BidBuilder, you will be working with an organized material database. This means all the material information will be in one location verses scattered throughout a spreadsheet. Update the price of material just ONCE and it is updated automatically throughout the entire database.

BidBuilder also displays your estimate in easy to sort columns – no more scanning your spreadsheet for the needed number, item, assembly, price modification, etc. BidBuilder has equations and conversions built into the program, therefore saving you the time of creating them. And most of all, you won’t have to worry about broken equations or material not calculated correctly or lengthy price changes. Are you truly confident in your spreadsheet?

Q. Does BidBuilder provide presentation quality reports?
A. Yes. BidBuilder provides popular pre-designed reports but also enables you to create custom reports to help you manage your business.

Q. Am I able to create proposals in BidBuilder?
A. Yes, BidBuilder has a Proposal Writer built into the program to offer just that. Easily create proposals by inserting proposal statements, client information, estimate information, or even inserting images. This feature allows you to create professional proposals in a matter of minutes. But we didn’t stop there. With BidBuilder you can show exactly what work is being proposed – VISUALLY – a picture is worth 1,000 words, right? Eliminate confusion in the clients mind and you win the job. In BidBuilder you can paste drawings, manufacturer’s product graphics, etc. directly in the proposal to eliminate confusion for the buyer and eliminate a liability risk for you. That is going above and beyond what your competition will do. Win more jobs AND keep a professional reputation!

Q. Do I start from scratch and have to build or purchase a database?
A. No! BidBuilder estimating software already contains hundreds of popular items in its database and is pre-organized for you. Included is a comprehensive residential database containing pre-created items and assemblies. This database makes it easy and fast to find any item or assembly. Unlike other estimating software products, you aren’t required to build anything from scratch nor do we force you to pay for the database. With BidBuilder you can add, delete, or modify any existing item or completely customize your own database.

Q. Does BidBuilder handle Assemblies?
A. Absolutely. The program includes hundreds of popular assemblies so you are productive immediately and saving time. Easily and quickly add, delete or modify any of these or customize your own. We don’t force you to purchase these nor do you have to start from scratch – you already have hundreds of pre-created Assemblies ready to use. In addition, 3D Visual Assemblies are also available in our estimating software. To view these and see how they will help you click the Visual Assemblies tab.

Q. Does BidBuilder handle shipping / ordering of items based on the cycle of the project?
A. Yes. You have the ability to simply tag items into their appropriate Phase or Location. Quickly identify everything by project Phase or Location for fast and easy ordering, delivery, etc.

Q. Will BidBuilder force me to estimate differently than I do now?
A. No. Unlike other software, the flexibility of BidBuilder enables you to estimate by selecting your preferences on a few quick settings vs. forcing you to learn new methodology and causing a painful learning curve.

Q. Does BidBuilder work with my design software?
A. BidBuilder contains direct links to most popular design software – including Building Blocks and SolidBuilder! BidBuilder easily and quickly imports any SolidBuilder estimate to further detail your estimate, to print professional reports, manage costs, etc.

Q. Does BidBuilder work with my accounting software?
A. Yes. BidBuilder was designed with a ‘two-way’ link between BidBuilder and QuickBooks accounting software. BidBuilder has the ability to gather necessary information from QuickBooks and apply it to the material in your estimate. Once your estimate is complete, BidBuilder will send the material back to QuickBooks so you can invoice and perform your typical accounting procedures. If you have accounting software to link to – we will do it for you.

Q. Does BidBuilder interface with any digital takeoff programs?
A. Yes, in fact we have our own Award Winning digital takeoff software which is called “Digital Takeoff.” Digital Canal’s take off software is one of only a couple truly professional products that you can get for under $1,000 – HALF the cost of a digitizer. With BidBuilder, take full advantage of Digital Takeoff by using electronic drawings, files, or even importing CAD drawings from other software, architects or designers. This keeps your costs down, lets you respond to your prospective customer very quickly, makes you appear more professional and wins more projects!

Q. Should I purchase Digital Takeoff software with the BidBuilder estimating software?
A. If you want to be completely automated, save space on your desk top, spend less than a digitizer costs and visually check that you did not miss anything in your takeoff – then the answer is yes. To see more information on Digital Takeoff and how it will benefit you directly, click this link – Digital Take off Software.

Q. How accurate is BidBuilder?
A. BidBuilder is accurate to 10 decimal places – we think that this is more accuracy than you need, but we want to be sure that your profits are secured and surprises are eliminated! It is not easy to find building intelligence in software that protects your profits like BidBuilder will.

Q. Does BidBuilder offer me anything I can pass on to my clients?
A. Yes. With BidBuilder you can easily and quickly offer your clients different design options. Maybe your client is indecisive between two kitchen layouts. BidBuilder lets you figure the price and cost for each layout – then easily update your estimate depending on their choice. This feature offers your clients design options which keep your bids competitive, while maintaining your profit margins. You will know exactly what your cost is – and profit is – for each option as you present them.

Q. Does BidBuilder allow me to write equations for calculating and/or ordering material?
A. Yes. BidBuilder has an equation database which allows you to create and maintain your own equations. More importantly, BidBuilder won’t allow you to create an invalid equation, so you no longer have to worry about broken equations or material not calculating correctly. With equations, you will be producing accurate estimates quickly and easily.

Q. Am I able to enter more than just material information into BidBuilder?
A. Absolutely. Because BidBuilder uses a true Microsoft database versus a spreadsheet, you can insert multiple types of information to keep you and your business organized. Some of this information includes clients, suppliers, subcontractors, part numbers, part codes, estimators, item notes, and more.

Q. Can my material have multiple prices?
A. Yes, in fact up to 5 different prices are available. BidBuilder allows you to calculate material, labor, subcontractor, equipment, and miscellaneous prices – all within one database location.

Q. Can I export my BidBuilder estimate to any other programs?
A. Yes. Your BidBuilder estimate may easily be exported to Microsoft Excel, accounting software and project management software. Additionally, we also allow you to print your BidBuilder reports/proposals as Microsoft Word or PDF files.

Q. Does BidBuilder allow me apply multiple markups to my estimate.
A. Absolutely. With BidBuilder you can assign multiple types of markups to cover your overhead and profit. Whether you’re applying a dollar amount or a percentage, BidBuilder is capable of calculating your markups. In addition to markups, BidBuilder allows you to give discounts. Simply specify a percentage and BidBuilder will deduct it from your estimate.

For a Free Trail click Free Trial on the menu to the right. To speak directly with a product manager directly call toll-free: 1-800-449-5034.

The difference between BidBuilder Estimating Software and our SolidBuilder Design Software is all about what you are required to perform for your prospect …

BidBuilder estimating software is used when you are NOT designing. BidBuilder is used when you are asked to bid a project based on blue prints / plan drawings.

If you are creating the design and blueprints, then SolidBuilder Design Software will create a takeoff from your design as you design it.

Our Design Software (SolidBuilder) provides the ability to produce quick, accurate blueprints for building using a simple, intuitive interface. To see how our Design Software works and view Reports, Proposals and more sample output click Continue below.