Construction Job Estimating Software

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Never again should you lose a contract because you don’t have a construction job estimating software speeding up your bid times. The faster your bid is in front of your potential clients, the higher the chance is of them hiring you.

More clients equal more profits for your business. Whether you are a one-man gig or a multi-job construction company, our job estimating cost software will give you a return on your investment on the first day.

No two estimating cost software programs are the same

Our award-winning duo of programs is unlike any other construction job estimating cost programs available on the market. Our BidBuilder and Digital Takeoff programs are designed by builders who are aware of the needs of today’s contractors. That’s why we have taken special care to include any option you may need to make your bidding process simpler. Some of the available options include:

  • A link to QuickBooks: Quickly change a bid proposal to an active invoice by importing the estimate directly to QuickBooks. This allows for simpler, and more accurate, invoicing.
  • Architectural calculator: Easily enter measurements for quick calculations without switch programs or finding your desk calculator.
  • Item details: Our construction job estimating software allows you to enter truckloads of information about each material, including the product number, supplier and any additional notes you may need.
  • Easily export to MS Word or PDF: For those customers who don’t have your job estimating cost software, you can easily print or export professional reports, making your company look like a Fortune 500 operation.

We have worked with hundreds of clients, increasing profitability by streamlining the planning stage of any project. Our construction job estimating software is available to you today. We promise that you will see an increase in work hours on the first day. Call today for an in-depth consultation and see how our program can go to work for you.


For a FREE TRIAL click Here
To speak with someone in person call 1-800-449-5033

The difference between BidBuilder Estimating Software and our SolidBuilder Design Software is all about what you are required to perform for your prospect …

BidBuilder estimating software is used when you are NOT designing. BidBuilder is used when you are asked to bid a project based on blue prints / plan drawings.

If you are creating the design and blueprints, then SolidBuilder Design Software will create a takeoff from your design as you design it.

Our Design Software (SolidBuilder) provides the ability to produce quick, accurate blueprints for building using a simple, intuitive interface. To see how our Design Software works and view Reports, Proposals and more sample output click Continue below.