Subcontractor PDF Estimating Takeoff Software Programs


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Do you need close, individualized support when it comes to deploying your subcontractor PDF estimating software?

Instead of choosing an impersonal company that is simply out to sell software without giving you the information you need, why not check out Digital Canal for your subcontractor PDF takeoff software? We understand the challenges that come along with deploying enterprise-wide software systems and we are prepared to help you meet your implementation deadlines, no question.

When you need a partner in deploying and building buy-in for your PDF takeoff software programs, you need the experts at Digital Canal.


How we make it easy to deploy subcontractor PDF estimating software

Digital Canal’s BidBuilder and Digital Takeoff programs offer an incredible value to clients, preventing errors and generally improving the overall quality of your estimating and takeoff deliverables.

  • Owners and operators of smaller companies may have some trepidation about adopting a new software — what if it doesn’t perform as well as your current system? Isn’t Microsoft Excel adequate for our needs?
  • Although spreadsheet programs like Excel can be handy, the truth is that they are a poor substitute for specialized subcontractor PDF takeoff software. Your team deserves the right tools to get their takeoff and estimating jobs done right.
  • When you work with Digital Canal, your teams will be up and running with the software in no time at all. With an end-user training time of just two hours, most of our clients find that they are able to experience literally immediate changes to their estimating processes and workflows.

At Digital Canal, we help you maintain productivity while still being able to adopt a brand-new software program to ease the burden on your existing teams. Let us show you how our client-focused approach can allow your business to seamlessly scale to larger projects. Contact our team now to learn more about our customizable subcontractor PDF estimating software modules for your business.

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The difference between BidBuilder Estimating Software and our SolidBuilder Design Software is all about what you are required to perform for your prospect …

BidBuilder estimating software is used when you are NOT designing. BidBuilder is used when you are asked to bid a project based on blue prints / plan drawings.

If you are creating the design and blueprints, then SolidBuilder Design Software will create a takeoff from your design as you design it.

Our Design Software (SolidBuilder) provides the ability to produce quick, accurate blueprints for building using a simple, intuitive interface. To see how our Design Software works and view Reports, Proposals and more sample output click Continue below.